Grainne Duffy Album Cover
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By Hilly Collective
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Last year sometime around June, I got a call from my good buddy and amazing photographer Robbie Jeffers..."Hey do you want to come with me to shoot an album recording in LA tonight."  Sounds fun! 

I met up with Robbie at Boulevard Recording Studios. When I got there I had no idea what something like this was going to be like other than wow we get to see someone record some songs! Grainne Duffy was the recording artist such an amazing Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist. Justin Stanley was the producer on the record, Paul Sherry on guitar, Aaron Redfield on the drums, & I don't recall the guys name on Bass... The most memorable part of the night was when all the musicians and Justin the producer had a full on jam session. A bottle or two of red wine was going around and the warmth and creativity was happening. It was a new experience to witness the brilliance unfold. I love seeing the candid moments, at this time you could feel THE MAGIC happening!

Somewhere between recordings we got some shots of Grainne in front of the studio... The photograph that made the album cover was a polaroid I  got while she was crossing the street. I'm so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful group of super talented and creative people!  Take a listen you will love her music!


Here is a link to Grainne Duffy's newest Album Where I Belong.



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Grainne Duffy - Just loves this
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Grainne Duffy - Just loves this
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